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Horn and Reflector
Horn and Reflector in the WANF (CERN West Area Neutrino Facility)

Much experience has been acquired in building wide band neutrino beams with a horn/reflector system, at CERN and elsewhere. Photographs of the horn (top) and reflector (bottom) show the installation in the WANF beam for the experiments CHORUS and NOMAD. These focusing devices were operated with 100/120 kA pulsed current. The current connections can be seen in the foreground of each picture (upstream end of the horn/reflector). For a description see "The West Area Neutrino Facility for CHORUS and NOMAD experiments (94 - 97 operation)", G. Acquistapace, V. Falaleev,  J.M.  Maugain, G. Olesen, S. Rangod, J. Zaslavsky, CERN-ECP / 95-14, 31 July 1995.

wanf_horn.gif (249518 bytes)

Photograph of the horn installed in the WANF (outer diamter 44 cm).

wanf_reflector.gif (260318 bytes)

Photograph of the reflector installed in the WANF (outer diameter 62 cm).