End of CNGS run


8th NBI2012 workshop at CERN


First tau-neutrino candidate detected

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Lundi D�couverte - photos

Neutrinos    Faisceau Protons     Cible     Cornes Magn�tiques     Tube de D�sint�gration     Gran Sasso









Explaining Neutrino Oscillation








Oscillation: Model and Posters








Waving hands - oscillations ?

Faisceau Protons







Explaining the CNGS project










Proton Beam Profile Monitor










Proton Beam Position Monitor








Proton Beam Monitors








Explaining the Proton Beam Position Monitor










Dipole magnet (from CLIC)










Quadrupole magnet (from CLIC)








Where is the target ?








Explaining options of target unit design







Specific materials were chosen for each target station component








Explaining the issues to construct the target








Target unit prototype with FLUKA events





Target unit prototype with drawings / photos








Le "stand" qui explique tout sur la cible








Target unit prototype with drawings / photos








Team presenting the CNGS target station

Cornes Magn�tiques









Horn prototype for Neutrino Factory










Inner conductor of a horn (Microcosm)










Powering the horn







Section of a PS-beam horn - machined out of a single piece








Horn installation movie and horn animation








Crowds at the horn stand








Crowds at the horn stand









Team presenting the horn stand

Gran Sasso