End of CNGS run


8th NBI2012 workshop at CERN


First tau-neutrino candidate detected

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Lundi D�couverte - photos

Neutrinos    Faisceau Protons     Cible     Cornes Magn�tiques     Tube de D�sint�gration     Gran Sasso


Neutrinos et le CNGS

(Posters in PPT format -  2.4 MB)










Neutrinos in the world of particles










Neutrinos and oscillation










Neutrinos are all around us...










Neutrinos from the sun










Neutrino detectors











History of the neutrino

Faisceau Protons

(Posters in PPT format - 15 MB)










CNGS layout










Proton transport - deflection magnets










Proton transport - focusing










Proton beam-line










Proton acceleration in the SPS







Proton beam profile monitor (1)                 (high resolution posters)







Proton beam profile monitor (2)                 (high resolution posters)







Proton beam position monitor                   (high resolution poster)







Target Magazine (high resolution 8 MB)











Target: beam view (high resolution 7 MB)







Target Magazine and motorisations assembled in the laboratory (high resolution 10 MB)










Target Magazine indexing finger










Target unit (aluminum cylinder open)








Target rods - proton beam view








Target station motorisation block









Target Magazine being installed (inside the shielding, upstream of the horn)








Target station installed in target chamber

Cornes Magn�tiques

(Posters in PPT format A0 - 65 MB)










Magnetic Horns: History and Principle (1)










Magnetic Horns: History and Principle (2)










The challenge of building a horn










Assembly of magnetic horns










Horn transport and installation










Powering of a magnetic horn

Gran Sasso et OPERA