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Civil engineering works completed

On 20 June 2003, a small ceremony in the CNGS target chamber (TCC4) marked the end of the first phase of CNGS civil engineering works. All the excavated structures are now concreted, either in cast concrete or in shot-crete (cf. schematic layout).

In the following three weeks, the survey team is establishing its network of reference points. This will be followed by the start of the second phase of civil works: first, the installation of the hadron stop (beam dump), then the installation of the decay vacuum tube (steel tube: 1 km long, 2.5 m diameter; embedded in concrete). This work is expected to be completed in early summer 2004.

A third phase of civil engineering works will consists in closing the provisional civil engineering access pit and in removing all equipment from the worksite on surface.

Target chamber  

Jean-Luc Baldy
Civil Engineering Group Leader

Konrad Elsener
CNGS project leader