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First horn arrived at CERN - 7 April 2004

(collaboration between LAL/IN2P3 and CERN)

On 7 April 2004, the first horn built by LAL/IN2P3 arrived at CERN. This is the first of several items in the French in-kind contribution to the CNGS project. The spare horn is expected in May, the reflector (horn-2) in June 2004. The water cooling circuits and striplines, also built at LAL, will be delivered to CERN later in 2004. 

The two horn inner conductors had arrived at CERN in March 2003 and were measured to be within tolerances. One of these inner conductors was then shipped to LAL, the other one was successfully tested in a prototype set-up at CERN: over 100000 current pulses of 150 kA were used, in the final double-pulse scheme of CNGS (every 6 s one double-pulse, the two pulses being separated by 50 ms).

Pictures taken during the assembly of the horns at LAL can be found at the special LAL web-site.

P4070003.JPG (952634 bytes) P4070002.JPG (1020182 bytes)

First horn in BA7 (CERN-SPS)

 Downstream end of first horn, with power connections