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Recuperation of iron shielding blocks
from the former West Area Neutrino Facility (WANF)

A large quantity of iron blocks was buried in 1978 outside building 180 (EHW1) in the West Experimental Area of the CERN SPS accelerator. This iron was needed as muon absorber for the experiments in the West Area Neutrino Facility (WANF).

The operation of this WANF facility was terminated after the last round of experiments, CHORUS and NOMAD, and much of the proton beam equipment at WANF has since been dismantled and recuperated.

A huge number of iron blocks is needed for the hadron stop (beam dump) of the CNGS facility. Other CERN experiments (in particular LHCb) also need a lot of iron blocks. Given the value of the approximately 5000 tons of iron blocks buried at the WANF, it was decided to recuperate these blocks and re-use them for these future installations.

The works to recuperate the iron started on 26 November 2001, and the last iron block was recuperated on 24 May 2002. The area has now been re-filled with rubble and soil and will soon look very similar to summer 2001 and the many years before.