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8th NBI2012 workshop at CERN


First tau-neutrino candidate detected

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Decay Tube Window Installation December 2005









13 December 2005: transport of decay tube entrance flange










13 December 2005: installation of decay tube entrance flange










16 December 2005: transport of decay tube entrance window







16 December 2005: decay tube entrance window ready for installation (3 mm thick titanium window, 1.5 m diameter)










16 December 2005: removing the flange which will clamp the thin window










16 December 2005: inspecting the surface










16 December 2005: installing the metal seal










16 December 2005: ready to receive the window










16 December 2005: installation of the titanium window










16 December 2005: mounting the flange










16 December 2005










16 December 2005: pressure on the seal










19 December 2005: shutter installed and welded fixed in front of decay tube window











19 December 2005: pumping down