CERN AC Note (2000-03)-General description of the CNGS Project

4. Civil engineering

Figure 15: Excavation with rotating head boring machine (roadheader)

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4.7 The work-site installations

4.7.1 General

  • CERN imposes certain requirements in connection with work-site installations:
  • site offices shall be delivered in very good condition and properly maintained for the duration of the work;
  • the work-site zone must be kept clean and in proper order;
  • fencing shall be either solid steel, pre-laquered in a neutral colour, or timber;
  • the work-site shall be fitted with an access gate that can be locked.

4.7.2 Location of the work-site

The civil engineering shaft work-site PGCN is alongside the work-site area for TI8 currently forming part of the LHC project. This zone is situated near SPS Access Point BA4 at Prévessin-Moëns, not far from the "Clos de Charmais" housing estate on land belonging to the French State made available to CERN when the SPS was being built. Access to the RD35 road is via the existing site entrance. 

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