Scope of the Workshop:

14-19 March 2002, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Following two successful workshops at KEK (June 1999) and FNAL (September 2000), this was the third occasion for physicists and engineers working on conventional neutrino beams to meet and discuss their experience (e.g. from K2K) as well as their designed or planned equipment (e.g. for MiniBoone, NuMI/MINOS or CNGS). Emphasis was on detailed descriptions of equipment, tests and results, and in particular on challenges in the design (with plenty of time for discussions).

Organizing Committee: Proceedings: 

Alan E. Ball (CERN), Bruce Baller (Fermilab), Luca Bruno (CERN), Madeleine Catin (CERN, Workshop Secretariat), Konrad Elsener (CERN), Valeri Falaleev (CERN), Peter Kasper (Fermilab), Takashi Kobayashi (KEK),  Jean-Marie Maugain (CERN), Malika Meddahi (CERN), Jorge Morfin (FNAL), Francesco Pietropaolo (INFN), Stephane Rangod (CERN), Hermann Schmickler (CERN), Graham Stevenson (CERN),   Kazuhiro Tanaka (KEK), Mayda Velasco (Northwestern)

Transparencies of the presentations given at this workshop will be available on the WWW. There will be no formal proceedings.
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