NBI 2002 - Workshop Programme - Links to Presentations

    last modified: 22/04/2002
Overview Session Thursday, 14 March, 10:00-12:35   chairperson: K. Huebner
Welcome Carlo Wyss CERN
Physics reach of present and future long-baseline neutrino beams Mauro Mezzetto INFN
K2K Overview Kazuhiro Tanaka KEK
MiniBOONE Overview Peter Kasper Fermilab
NuMI Overview Sam Childress Fermilab
CNGS Overview Konrad Elsener CERN
JHF-nu Overview Takashi Kobayashi KEK
Target and Horns Thursday, 14 March, 14:00-16:00   chairperson: A.E Ball
Power Supplies and power lines of K2K magnetic horns Yoshinori Suzuki KEK
Magnetic horns and target of K2K Yutaka Yamanoi KEK
NuMI horns and horn tests Jim Hylen Fermilab
NuMI target hall Jim Hylen Fermilab
Target and Horns (cont.) Friday, 15 March, 09:00-12:00   chairperson: J.M. Maugain
NuMI target (prototyping, tests and design issues) Valeri Garkusha                 (presented by Jim Hylen) Protvino
MiniBooNE horn Ioanis Kourbanis Fermilab
CNGS target development Luca Bruno CERN
Magnetic horn design for CNGS Sandry Wallon CNRS, Paris
Decay Tube, beam dump Friday, 15 March, 13:30-16:00   chairperson: K. Elsener
CNGS decay pipe: heating and radiological issues Heinz Vincke CERN
CNGS decay pipe windows Roger Valbuena CERN
Beam dumps at CERN neutrino beams Alan Grant CERN
Beam dump heat calculations Barbara Calcagno CERN
NuMI decay pipe and hadron stop Jim Hylen Fermilab
MiniBoone decay pipe and hadron stop Eric Zimmermann Univ of Colorado
Design and operation of K2K decay volume / beam dump Yoshinori Sato KEK
Design and radiation shielding of decay pipe / beam dump at JHF Yuichi Oyama KEK
Simulation of heat load at JHF decay pipe and beam dump Yoshinari Hayato KEK
Hadron production + simulations Sunday, 17 March, 09:00-12:00   chairperson: P. Kasper
A short review of hadroproduction data useful for neutrino beam calculations Maurizio Bonesini INFN Milano
HARP experiment status and prospects for future neutrino beams, K2K and MiniBooNE Alberto Guglielmi INFN Padova
P907: Experiment status Mark Messier Harvard
New analysis techniques to reduce systematics due to uncertainties in the hadroproduction spectra and other beam related issues Michael Szleper Northwestern
Latest news on FLUKA simulations for the CNGS beam this talk not presented  
K2K beam Monte Carlo Takashi Kobayashi KEK
Latest news on NuMI beam simulations Mark Messier Harvard
Secondary Beam Monitoring Sunday, 17 March, 14:00-17:30   chairperson: M. Velasco
Targeting Monitor in K2K Hiroyuki Noumi KEK
Secondary beam monitoring at K2K Tsuyoshi Nakaya Kyoto
Neutrino Beam Monitoring with Ion Chambers at NuMI Sacha E. Kopp Univ. of Texas
Characteristics and Production of Gas Sealed, Radiation Hard Small Ionization Chamber Mayda Velasco  
Monitoring Kaon Decays in the BooNE Secondary Beam Eric Zimmerman Univ of Colorado
CNGS muon station based on Beam Lost Monitor type detectors Valeri Falaleev CERN
Sensitivity of CNGS muon detector based on BLM's to beam-line misalignments Francesco Pietropaolo INFN Padova
Proton Beam, Rad. Protection Monday, 18 March, 08:30-11:55   chairperson: G. Stevenson
Proton Beam for MiniBooNE and NuMI Sam Childress Fermilab
Proton Beam for K2K Hiroyuki Noumi KEK
Proton Beam for JHF neutrino Atsuko Ichikawa Kyoto
Proton Beam for CNGS:               Overview Malika Meddahi CERN

                                                     Extraction Kickers

Jan Uythoven CERN

                                                     Beam Diagnostics

Roland Jung CERN


 Willi Kalbreier                    (presented by Karl Schirm) CERN
    chairperson: M. Meddahi
Development of radiation resistent magnets in KEK Erina Kusano KEK
Radiation Protection for K2K Yoshinori Sato KEK
Radiation Protection for Mini-Boone and NuMI Sam Childress Fermilab
Radiation Protection for WANF and CNGS Graham Stevenson CERN
Future Beams, Closing Remarks Monday, 18 March, 14:00-17:30   chairperson: K. Tanaka
NuMI off axis beams Mayda Velasco Northwestern
Hadron Hose: Continuos Toroidal Focusing for Conventional n Beams Sacha E. Kopp Univ. of Texas
Target R&D for JHF neutrino Yoshinari Hayato KEK
Superbeams with SPL at CERN Maurizio Vretenar CERN
Horn prototype for neutrino factory Stephane Rangod CERN
Target studies for neutrino factory Jacques Lettry CERN
beta-beams Piero Zucchelli CERN
Closing Remarks Kazuhiro Tanaka KEK