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Baptism of the Tunnel Boring Machine for CNGS - 26/06/2001

1.The Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), back view

2. In front of the TBM head, from left to right: Mr Laurenson, Maire of Prevessin
Mrs Philippe, Sous-Prefet of Gex
Mrs Maiani, patron of the TBM
Mr Maiani, CERN Director General
Mr Giacobbi, French Permanent Mission to the United Nations, Geneva

3. K. Hubner, CERN Director of Accelerators

4. J.L. Baldy, Head of CERN's Civil Engineering Group

5. Mr Giuffrida, SCS Consortium (Spie Batignolles -  Condotte d'Acqua - Sotrabas), Deputy Director of CNGS work site

6. Mr Haradji, SCS Consortium, Director of CNGS work site

7. Flowers for the TBM's godmother

8. Suspense before the baptism...

9. ...cutting the thread...

10. ...

11. ...the TBM is baptised to the name of "Pucci"

12. Leftovers of a baptism

13. "Champagne et confiserie"

14. Mr Laurenson, Mr Giacobbi and Mrs Maiani

15. Mrs Maiani, cutting the "birthday cake"