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Progress of works for infrastructure and equipment installation
July 2005

Following the completion of the main civil engineering works and some additions to the underground structures (trenches, holes for air-cooling ducts, etc.), the works for the infrastructure (air handling, water cooling, electrical installation) started in July 2004. Progress until the end of 2004 has been reported previously. The pictures below illustrate some of the work done between January and July 2005. (Photos: M. Brice, S. Girod, G. Maire, T. Reynes, S. Lebrun, M. Meddahi, A. Pardons, M. Wilhelmsson, K. Elsener).

Proton Beam Tunnel   Access Gallery   Horn Power Cables    Ventilation Chamber

Target Chamber   Helium Tank Installation    Service Gallery   Target Station T40









 Surface, January 2005

Cavern ECA4  







 Welding team on scaffolding in ECA4 cavern,  May 2005








 ECA4 pipes and ducts, July 2005

Ventilation Chamber TCV4  





 Ventilation units installed on the upper level of   the ventilation chamber, February 2005







 Ventilation chamber, upper level, May 2005

Service Gallery TSG4  






 One of four air-cooling units installed in the  service gallery, 25 February 2005








 Service Gallery, 25 February 2005








 Service Gallery TSG4, May 2005








 Service Gallery, 1 July 2005







 Service Gallery TSG4, July 2005