CERN AC Note (2000-03)-General description of the CNGS Project

1. The scientific basis of the CNGS project

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Figure 6: CNGS set-up at CERN in map form
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It is proposed to install two large detectors2 at Gran Sasso. In order to increase the probability of intercepting a neutrino, the mass of these detectors will be as large as possible, i. e. several thousand tonnes each. Very different technologies will be used in the two international collaborations in the hope of being able to record the arrival of a type nt neutrino produced by such a sought-after oscillation, thus indicating that the neutrinos have small masses.

2 Though the Gran Sasso laboratory detectors are essential for the discovery of neutrino oscillations, they do not form part of the CNGS project at CERN, and are therefore not described in this document.

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