End of CNGS run


8th NBI2012 workshop at CERN


First tau-neutrino candidate detected

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CNGS presentations at the Fermilab workshop on Neutrino Beams and Instrumentation
6 - 9 September 2000
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1) CNGS Overview, K. Elsener pdf 8Mb
2) CNGS Proton Beam, M. Meddahi pdf 8Mb
3) CNGS Primary Beam Instrumentation, H. Schmickler pdf 8Mb
4) FLUKA applications to Neutrino Beams, P. Sala Part1
5) Parametrization of secondary particle yield and application to neutrino beam simulation, F. Pietropaolo pdf 8Mb
6) Systematic uncertainties of the CNGS secondary particle beam at the monitor detectors and at Gran Sasso, N. Vassilopoulos pdf 8Mb
7) Proposal for the Muon Monitoring System at CNGS, V. Falaleev pdf 8Mb
8) CNGS Target Station, S. Peraire, L. Bruno, P. SalaProjectOrganisation pdf 8Mb
9) CNGS Horn Electrical Tests, G. Maire pdf 8Mb
10) CNGS Horn Mechanical and Hot Handling, S. Rangod pdf 8Mb