CERN AC Note (2000-03)-General description of the CNGS Project

List of figures

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Figure 1 The standard model 5

Figure 2 Illustration of nm nt oscillations (a pure nt beam is produced at CERN and directed towards Gran Sasso 7

Figure 3 Simplified illustration of cosmic ray interactions producing neutrinos detected at the Gran Sasso underground laboratory 8

Figure 4 View inside one of the underground halls at Gran Sasso 9

Figure 5 Route taken by neutrinos through the Earth’s crust from CERN to the Gran Sasso laboratory 10

Figure 6 CNGS set-up at CERN in map form 11

Figure 7 The production of pions and kaons (parents of the neutrinos), focussed in the direction of the Gran Sasso by two magnetic horns 14

Figure 8 The CERN proton accelerators used for the CNGS 14

Figure 9 Dipoles (red) and quadrupoles (blue) in SPS tunnel 15

Figure 10 Work-sites connected with the CNGS project 20

Figure 11 Works connected with the CNGS project: section 21

Figure 12 Underground work-sites at Point BA4 of the SPS.Tunnel TI8, under construction, will connect the SPS to the LHC 21

Figure 13 The target chamber and its annexes 22

Figure 14 The hadron stop chamber and muon detection chambers and the connecting passages to the LEP/LHC 23

Figure 15 Excavation with rotating head boring machine (roadheader) 27

Figure 16 The CNGS work-site area near SPS Access Point BA4 28

Figure 17 The TI8 tunnel work-site near the SPS/BA4 area 28

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