End of CNGS run


8th NBI2012 workshop at CERN


First tau-neutrino candidate detected

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Project Organization:  Secondary Beam WG, Project Team, Technical WG, Commissioning WG

NOTE: The CNGS target station is called T40, the collimator at its upstream shielding is called T40AL

CNGS Secondary Beam Equipment Codes

The rules applied in all SPS secondary beam areas imply for the CNGS equipment downstream of the target the codes as described below


- start with X for "secondary beam element"

- add G for Gran Sasso (like the MBG, QTG, etc. in TT41)

- add 40 for the target station T40

- add 4 digits for the distance from the focal point in the target.


The CNGS horn will be called XGHO40000x, the reflector XGRE4000xx (distance is defined as exit of the object). The first helium tank will be called XGH14000xx , and the second one will be called XGH24000xx. The shutter to protect the decay tube window will be called XGSH4000xx. Temperature measurement probes will be called XGTM4000xx. Beam loss monitors in the target chamber are XGBL4000xx, and muon monitors are XGMM40xxxx.


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cg.gif (821 bytes)