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CNGS being a project of the SL Division entirely linked to the SPS accelerator, is has been agreed that for the equipment in CNGS the official SPS equipment codes should be used throughout the facility. The names of the CNGS underground structures are also defined following the SPS naming convention for buildings, tunnels and caverns. The names are shown in two graphs, for the target and the hadron stop area. The names of the surface buildings at point 4 of the SPS are defined on the CERN map.

ADDED in December 2004: For equipment in the CNGS beam after the target, the convention used in the other SPS experimental area beams is applied (see the link below).

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cg.gif (821 bytes)
events4.jpg (3091 bytes) SPS Equipment Codes grille.gif (2337 bytes)
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events4.jpg (3091 bytes) Names of caverns and tunnels:

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