End of CNGS run


8th NBI2012 workshop at CERN


First tau-neutrino candidate detected

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CNGS proton beam line - TT41

Protons are extracted from the SPS accelerator by a fast extraction system (this extraction system is feeding both the TI 8 transfer line to LHC as well as the TT41 transfer line to the CNGS target - it is part of the SLI Project). The main components of the extraction system are the MSE septa and the MKE kicker magnets. The common part of  TI 8 and TT41, the first 150 metres from the point of extraction, is called TT40 - this is part of the LTI project.

The proton beam parameters, which form the basis of the functional specifications of the TT41 transfer line, can be found on the EDMS pages of CNGS (Extraction, Proton Beam, Target -> Optics, Geometry, Layout). Also in the same locations, the TT41 layout, typical cross sections and the BEATCH geometry file are available .