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How to store files inside my EDMS - CNGS folder?

Before you start: Be aware in EMDS a "document" is an entity with a name and a description. Such a document may contain several files, URL's, links to CDD folders etc..

Entering EDMS: We recommend you enter EDMS via the CNGS page, by chosing the "Technical Page" and clicking "next". In the top right part, under the title "CNGS Project", you will see whether you are logged-on as "guest". If so, click "Re-login" and give your user name and password.

Finding your folder: Navigate through the tree structure on the left of you EDMS window - or ask a member of the CNGS project team to identify the location of your folder.

Creating a document: Click the yellow button Create Doc. , fill in the form presented to you. Be careful when choosing the document type. The choice of the "Release Procedure" is crucial:

-- choose  "Simple document release procedure" for all documents you want to store in terms of documentation, for yourself and for information of others

-- choose "CNGS group minutes" for documents which should only be available to registered members of the CNGS group

-- choose "CNGS documents release procedure" for Technical Specifications and any other document that should be approved by the CNGS project team.

Please make sure that under "Document created in Group" you choose "CNGS PBS". The field "Visibility" can generally be left at its default value "World". This implies that the document will be publicly available. Should the document only be visible to the owner or the CNGS group, choose this field accordingly.

Now you are ready: you have given the document a title and a description - so please press "Save new doc meta" and be presented with your new document summary page, which is automatically considered to be In Work. If you wish to change the title, description etc., click Edit to go back to the previous page.

Adding files, links etc. to your document:

click Put File to load files into your document. BROWSE allows you to find your files - if you wish, you can save the files under a new title - but be careful: (1) The title of the document MUST NOT contain blanks; (2) DO NOT CHANGE the FILE TYPE (.doc, .pdf , .ps and so on).


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