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CNGS Target Station T40 - assembly in the laboratory

The CNGS target station is the "heart" of the facility. The target consists of thirteen 10 cm long graphite rods, 5 and 4 mm in diameter. The first 9 rods are interspaced by 9 cm of air, the last 4 rods are installed without any air space in between them. The rods are installed in a target unit (cf. the schematic drawing). The CNGS target station contains 5 units (one active and 4 spares) in a rotatable target magazine. Together with a BPKG position monitor, the target magazine is installed on the "alignment table". The four jacks to adjust the position of this table are fixed on the so-called "base table" (cf. the schematic drawing of the assembly) . The entire assembly is installed inside an array of massive iron shielding blocks.

Pictures shown below illustrate progress on the construction of elements and document the complete assembly of the target station in a laboratory at CERN. All elements of the target station will be transported to the target chamber for installation - this operation is scheduled for September 2005. (Pictures: Damien Grenier, Luca Bruno, CERN photo)

Target units: assembly and tests        Target magazine and BPKG         Base table            Shielding/assembly


Schematic drawings  



Target unit, schematic view (cut open).  Graphite rods are indicated in red, C-C supports for the rods in blue. The C-C tube to hold the supports and allow alignment of the rods is shown in black. The outer alu tube seals the 0.5 atm Helium volume - upstream and downstream windows are of Beryllium.




Target magazine (rotating "revolver"), schematic side view. (Five target units form a target magazine: the lowest unit is in the beam, the others are spares).

Photos of target unit assembly and tests  







"Beam eye" view of the prototype target, 15 December 2004








Prototype C-C tube with targets aligned in it, 15 December 2004








Alignment of targets inside the C-C tube, using the laser tracker, 15 December 2004







Detail of prototype target unit (open) - C-C tube fixed inside Alu tube, 17 December 2004








Alignment of C-C tube inside Alu tube, using the laser tracker, 25 January 2005








Prototype target unit on leak test stand, 18 February 2005








"Goupillage" of  target holders, 29 March 2005








Detail of a target holder on C-C tube, 29 March 2005








5 target units, aligned, 7 April 2005








Assembly of C-C tube in Alu tube, 23 May 2005








5 target units, completed and helium leak tested, 30 May 2005

Photos of the target magazine and BPKG monitor  







Empty target magazine, 27 May 2005








Detail of target magazine with indexing finger, 27 May 2005







Completed target magazine, 1 July 2005 (in the foreground, the BPKG beam position  monitor)





The target team with the completed target magazine (1 July 2005). Not present for the photo were J.F. Arbogast, R. Bonthond, P. Bourquin, M. Dupont, R. Hanni, A. Lavenu, G. Patti, S. Sgobba, P. Sievers and J.K. Wickstrom







Testing the target magazine rotation and indexing, 11 July 2005







Assembly and alignment of base table plus alignment table (with target magazine and BPKG monitor), 3 August 2005

Photos of the base table  







Base table completed, 28 April 2005








Detail of base table








Base table installed inside target shielding, 7 June 2005

Photos of shielding and assembled target station  






Target station base- and side-shielding; upstream support frame for roof shielding, 24 May 2005







One of five roof shielding blocks, 24 May 2005








Target station assembly with roof closed, 8 August 2005








Marble shielding with the 6 motors installed, 10 August 2005








Beam view of target magazine installed in target shielding, 10 August 2005







Target magazine inserted in target shielding; view against beam direction (12 August 2005)








Target station including roof shielding (open), 12 August 2005