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Progress of works for infrastructure and equipment installation
December 2005

NEW Final Horn installed in TCC4 NEW (January 2006)

Following the completion of the main civil engineering works and some additions to the underground structures (trenches, holes for air-cooling ducts, etc.), the works for the infrastructure (air handling, water cooling, electrical installation) started in July 2004. Progress of the installation work until July 2005 has been reported previously.

The pictures shown in the chapters below illustrate some of the work done between July and December 2005. (Photos: M. Brice, S. Girod, T. Reynes, M. Meddahi, A. Pardons, S. Rangod, M. Wilhelmsson, P. Ziegler, K. Elsener).

Proton Beam Tunnel       Target Chamber              Target Station T40

Horn-1 Installation          Reflector Assembly         Reflector Installation

Decay Tube Window